TTUSD Adds Delayed Start Option: TLE Schedule Here

TTUSD has added the option to have delayed start school days when weather conditions warrant.  Please note that on delayed start days, the TK/Kindergarten dismissal will be moved to 2:15.  If a delayed start is called, Tahoe Lake will follow this schedule:


Tahoe Lake Delayed Start Schedule

10:00                Buses arrive and Student Drop Off

10:15                School Begins

9:55-10:10        Recess: 1st-4th Grades

11:10-11:40       Lunch/Recess:   TK and Kinders

12:10-12:50       Lunch/Recess:   1st  and 2nd Grades

12:30-1:10         Lunch/Recess:   3rd Grade

12:34-1:10         Lunch/Recess:   4th Grade

2:15                   Dismissal:   All Grades